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The CityPro Cleaning team is trained and skilled at cleaning in a variety of environments. We know how to get rid of allergens & other pollutants to make your home more breathable (and we all know how dry the air in Montréal can be). We don’t just get rid of the obvious dirt and stains, but also the invisible and hard-to-see particles that can make you feel unwell and make your residence unpleasant to live in.

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Why waste time haggling over the phone or getting estimates when you can instantly book through our unique booking system. Especially since we have some of the best prices and availability in the city of Montréal!


All of our employees are properly background-checked and vetted to make sure you know who you’re dealing with. We are also bonded and insured just in case something happens.


Every single one of our maids is handpicked because of their dedication to doing the best they can. You’ll love the results they get you. If you’re not happy then let us know, we’ll send them again for free.


Not satisfied with your last cleaning? Don’t worry, we have a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy meaning we’ll come back and clean again for free. You can always call, email, or text us for more help.

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